A Sense of Place  For generations the Arapaho, Cheyenne and Ute Indians flourished on these eastern plains where massive herds of buffalo roamed.  French trappers in the 1830’s; the Overland Stage in the 1860’s; and Westward moving settlers in the 1870’s.  The fertile soil and brilliant sunshine attracted farmers who focused on wheat and sugar beets at the turn of the century.


             In 1917 Lyal Nelson acquired the property as a perfect place to farm and raise a family.  Initially his farm at the Waterford Hill site was a fruit orchard with both apple and cherry trees.  The cider was made, stored, and sold into the 1950’s at the current house located at the corner of County Roads 15 and 86. 


             Sheep and cattle were raised as the these industries grew and more people began to arrive in Northern Colorado.  From 1950 to 1993  Lyal rotated corn, soybeans, and alfalfa.  After Lyal Nelson passed away the farm transitioned to hay production to supply the family Stonestreet Stables.


             In 2006 Marv Barstow saw the need to preserve the dream and tradition of the Nelson family.  His plan was to create a community that embodied the American dream of owning a piece of land and watching your children grow in a peaceful rural setting.  We invite you to take part and enjoy this “true sense of place” at Waterford Hill.

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Sheep Grazing in the apple orchard

The Nelson family sold cider out of the house directly south of Waterford Hill

Preserving our true heritage